The Green Flash

Usually when photographers talk about the green flash, they mean something entirely different from this:

If you happen to be looking, there's about a 30-40 second window where the rooftop lighting of the Frost Bank Tower is just warming up. This makes the roof panels glow green until their color balance gradually stabilizes and they turn white. I always thought it was cool, and it's one of those things I would never have noticed had I not been a timelapse shooter.


Late last night I found myself down at Auditorium Shores where the lake presented ideal glass-like conditions. I had planned to go to bed early to get back onto a "normal" sleep schedule, but conditions like this are fairly rare, especially on winter nights where it's warm enough that your fingers don't go numb after 20-30 minutes of exposure (I really need better gloves)!

I spent a few hours shooting hyperlapse footage and finished off by snapping a quick nine image panorama of the Austin skyline that I would like to share with you.

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