A Misty Night at Mount Bonnell

Last Saturday night I spent many hours shooting various spots northwest of Austin for an ongoing project and, exhausted, I stopped to snap a few panoramas from Mount Bonnell on my way back into the city. 

It was a cool night, made even cooler by a fast moving front that brought in low hanging clouds and intermittent rain and drizzle. The bright city lights scattered upward creating a cathedral-like ceiling of clouds above the downtown skyline and West Lake Hills.

Click the thumbnails below (beware -- they're large images!).

Prints of the West Lake Hills photo are available for purchase on the Shop page.


Late last night I found myself down at Auditorium Shores where the lake presented ideal glass-like conditions. I had planned to go to bed early to get back onto a "normal" sleep schedule, but conditions like this are fairly rare, especially on winter nights where it's warm enough that your fingers don't go numb after 20-30 minutes of exposure (I really need better gloves)!

I spent a few hours shooting hyperlapse footage and finished off by snapping a quick nine image panorama of the Austin skyline that I would like to share with you.

Prints are available for purchase on the Shop page.