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Timelapse Video Captures Austin from Sunset to Sunrise (KUT News)

“What I like about timelapse," Takano says, "is that you get to see motion in a scene that would appear still in real time – it’s technology letting us look at the world in a unique way.”

Austin After Dark (The Alcalde)

Andrew Takano does his best work when everyone else is sleeping...

Andrew Takano's 'Austin Nights' Time-Lapse Video Is Too Trippy to Miss (

“The fast paced growth of Austin keeps me inspired to go out and shoot more footage week after week, because there’s always a new angle or a new sight to see”

Capturing Austin from Sunrise to Sunset (KXAN News)

A local photographer who KXAN News has featured before is back at it again! This time, Andrew Takano calls his project “Austin Nights,” which takes you across Austin from when the sun rises until the sun sets.

Timelapse of Austin from Sunset to Sunrise (KVUE News)

...Andrew Takano's latest timelapse film "Austin Nights" captures our city from sunset to sunrise, from nightfall on the Capitol to the UT Tower shining burnt orange.

Fall in Love with Austin All over Again in New Time-Lapse Video (KGSR)

A lovely tribute to the city that clearly took a lot of time to capture and edit.

Film Flam: "Andrew Takano Is at It Again." (The Austin Chronicle)

"Our city's skyline has never looked better."

Soar over Vibrant Austin in Fast Forward (KXAN News)

Go on a soaring journey across Austin with some beautiful skyline views as day fades into night.

This Awesome Time Lapse of Austin Will Make You Want to Move There (Movoto)

This video is all the excitement and energy of Austin bottled up into three minutes.

Austin Graffiti Artists go to Work in This Awesome Time-Lapse Video (KUT News)

"He filmed and produced two time-lapse videos documenting the city ... In his latest time-lapse video, “Start Fresh: Never Give Up,” he turns to a much more dynamic medium: the HOPE Outdoor Gallery at Castle Hill. "

Watch Castle Hill Come to Life (The Austin Chronicle)

"All of the images are stills, high-res shots Takano has painstakingly stitched back together into a seamless short film showcasing the life cycle of street art."

An Amazing Six-Minute, Stop-Motion Tour of Austin (KUT News)

"'Spectral Austin,' ... applies Takano’s smooth stop motion technique to Austin during day and night."

UT Alum Creates Gorgeous Austin Timelapse (The Alcalde)

"Both of Takano’s videos have experienced online success on Reddit, YouTube, and Vimeo with one viewer jokingly commenting, 'And property taxes have now increased. Stop encouraging people to come here!' Takano’s videos are proof that the city does that on its own."

Watch Another Crazy-Looking Time Lapse Video of Austin (The Austinist)

You've Never Seen Austin Quite Like This (The University of Texas at Austin homepage)

"Takano produced the video with a technique called hyperlapse ... It’s a tedious process that relies on precision and concentration, not elaborate equipment or trick shots."

Incredible Time Lapse Video of Austin at Night (The Austinist)

Haunting Time-Lapse Video of Austin at Night (KUT News)

"'...the aerospace industry in Austin is virtually non-existent, so staying would likely require me to change professions,' he said. With videos like 'Sleepwalking Austin,' he may have found a new line of work."

Stunning Time-Lapse Video Captures Austin Perfectly (

"Titled 'Sleepwalking Austin,' Takano's video shows a side of the live music capitol of the world that few non-residents ever see. It helps that the footage is also incredibly beautiful."

Film Flam: "...the best look at Austin's nightlife we've seen in some time." (The Austin Chronicle)

"Watch the full, dreamy time-lapse here – and then marvel at the fact that he did it all by hand with nothing but 'a tripod, steady hands, and 'a ton of work in post.'"

UT Grad Student Films Austin After Dark (The Alcalde, June 3, 201)

"There’s no city more beautiful than Austin at night—and here’s the proof."

"...this stop motion video is a captivating, light-laced portrayal of Austin at nighttime." (Contemporary Pilgrim)