Growth of Austin, 2013 to 2017

While putting together my most recent film, I spent some time re-shooting and processing old and new footage to see how the skyline has grown over the past 3-4 years. Here are some comparison gif files (use the slider to compare):

2014 vs. 2017, Pfluger Bridge

fog_before fog_after

2013 vs. 2017 from Mopac/Bee Cave Rd

fog_before fog_after

2014 vs. 2017 from Lou Neff Point

fog_before fog_after

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Austin, everyone!

2013 has been a tremendous year of growth for me, both personally, and professionally. I'm looking forward to discovering what opportunities 2014 holds.

In the meantime, enjoy a shot I snapped a short time ago while watching the fireworks over Auditorium Shores here in ATX.

Prints are available for purchase on the Shop page.

Fireworks over Auditorium Shores viewed from South Austin.

Fireworks over Auditorium Shores viewed from South Austin.

Start Fresh: Never Give Up

The HOPE Outdoor Gallery has truly become a unique treasure of the Austin art scene.  What was once an ill fated attempt at building luxury condominiums has been transformed into a playground for serious artists and irreverent taggers alike. The view of downtown Austin from atop Castle Hill (informal name for the HOPE OG) is picturesque, second to no other ground level location in town.

Since the end of Summer 2013 I've visited the HOPE OG every weekend I was able. Over these past few months I've met a lot of great people with strong passions for creating beautiful works of art. These artists were welcoming enough to allow me into their world to spend time shooting footage of them doing what they do best. It has thus far been the most enjoyable shooting experience I've had since I dove headlong into timelapse and hyperlapse photography earlier this year.

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with these folks, as well as meeting new artists to collaborate with. It's my hope that in the process of exercising and demonstrating my own shooting techniques I can bring some additional and well deserved attention to these skilled members of our local Austin art community.

Music: Jinx - Let It All Fly

Artists (in order of appearance):

StarvingArtDinner -- IG: @starvingartdinner

Briks -- IG: @brikslovesyou

MNS -- IG: @shiftymcraspberry

BLVD -- IG: @blvdart

Roshi K. -- IG: @roshi_k

Man With Pencil -- IG: @manwithpencil

Sweet -- IG: @400mlbakery

er. -- IG: @erthink

Sleepwalking Austin

I'm very excited to release my first motion timelapse and hyperlapse project, titled Sleepwalking Austin. All segments were shot during the spring of 2013 in what little spare time I had while studying for my graduate school qualifying exams. Getting out into the quiet Austin night was a great way to stimulate my mind after studying for 10 hours straight in a windowless office. The project also gave me an excellent opportunity to develop my own set of motion timelapse and hyperlapse shooting techniques and a robust post processing workflow.

Music by Color Twin.